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Tiswood – House number sign    Tiswood – Daisy Cottage sign

Tiswood – Box selection    Tiswood – Open Jewellery box

Tiswood – The Old Stables sign    Tiswood – Willow Barn Walk sign

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Tiswood by Ian and Lynda Mennell

Ian started out doing decorative woodturning some twenty plus years ago, and although he still does a small amount of turning, the business has evolved over the years.

He started making hardwood collectors cabinets and notice boards. Being commissioned to make a notice board for one area of the local parish, he was asked if the name could be carved into the top. This has led into the main bulk of his work now being hand carved oak signs of various styles.

Although the signs are the main business, he also makes a range of boxes – small trinket, jewellery or keepsakes, or bespoke.


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