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Frances Walley – Two Sheep     Frances Walley – Poppies

Frances Walley – Foxglove and Birch Trees     Frances Walley – Meadow Curves

Frances Walley – Meadow Range     Frances Walley – Autumn Range

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Frances Walley

  Fused Glass Art

Through the medium of fused glass, I endeavour to capture the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world, from which I take much of my inspiration.

Each piece is a unique work of art responding in a way that only glass can to changes in light and background tones and colours.

In addition to work displayed in shops and galleries, I particularly enjoy the challenge of taking commissions for individual pieces created for special occasions such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings etc. as the beauty of glass is timeless and does not fade.

I work from my small studio which is based at my home, Hollins Barn, Eskdaleside, Grosmont, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO22 5PS.


For further information regarding commissions or details of where my work is on sale, please phone : 07722 701463